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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Our Life
Dedicated to Shelly Cleveland

Submitted by Gerald

shelly , as i began to look into a dream trip to hawaii for us i couldn't help but see so many comparisions to our twenty-five years together. i know i'm not the best at telling you how much i love and appreciate you so i thought i would try to put it a letter. the spiritualness of hawaii reminds me of the moment i knew we would spend our life together, even though we were so young at the time. the waves remind me of the ups and downs we have been though over the years. the rainbows remind me of the rewards for weathering the storms. the flowers remind me of the way our love has blossomed and remained so vibrant over the years. the volcano, while it does not always show itself but always burns within, reminds me of the passion i have for you and how it has built what we have today. the rains remind me of all the blessings that have fallen on us and how lucky a man i am. with the memories of all that has been i hope that hawaii is a beginning of tenty-five more fantastic years with you. you,me,sand,sun.......HAWAII!!!!

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