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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Love Doesn't Hurt
Dedicated to My Husband Stuart and My Hero Ricky

Submitted by Joy

I had been married for 12 years in an abusive marriage. I tried every way possible to escape from my spouse with my three children, but after being threatened that he would take my children to another country and I would never see them again, I accept what I thought was my destiny. Then, after a severe beating resulting in hospitalization I got the help needed from the police and my family. I was freed and filed for divorce and a order of protection. My former spouse was angry and came after me and my children with a 44. magnum. He kicked down my door and place the gun to my head, my neighbor came running to my rescue, but he took the bullet in the head that was meant for me. He died instantly. My former spouse is now in prison for life plus 35 years.

I had then given up on love and men. Then via email I was contacted by a man who had heard my story. We were friends for a long time but had never met. Then he decided he wanted to drive the 4 hours to meet me and my children. After a long distance dating period we were married in October of 2000. Stuart is the most loving and kind man that God created. He adopted my children and has given us a love that is free of fear and pain. Love does not have to hurt and it took a man like Stuart to prove that me. I owe him my life and devotion forever. I know I survived for a reason. I am writing a book to tell my story to help others who are being abused.

Stuart and I never had a honeymoon because of all of the legal fees it took for him to adopt my children. We still have plans to visit Hawaii one day, but have not had the money. The ultimate gift I could give my husband would be this trip to Hawaii to show him the love and romance he deserves for all he has done.

For Ricky, who gave me the gift of life through his own life, I would some how leave a memorial for him in Hawaii for giving his all for me and my children.

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