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Love Stories of Hawaii


Hawaii stole our heart
Dedicated to My mother Carol Lingard

Submitted by Dawn

This is dedicated to my mother who passed away just 2 days after my 14th birthday in 1988.

My parents met in highschool and were a very adorable couple judging from the pictures I've seen. They married shortly after finishing school and went to the honeymoon capital of Canada - Niagara Falls for their honeymoon. When I was very young, we were brought over to Grammie's and Papa's house so that my parents could go on their second honeymoon to Hawaii! The pictures they took are amazing - Mom doing a hoola dance in a grass skirt, pictures of the volcanoes and of the ocean. Mom was horribly sunburnt during that trip - Dad told me that she was redder than a lobster! The souvenirs that I remember most from their trip are two mask like candles and a volcano candle that when lit cry and leak magma. Those candles remind me of a very special and happy time in my parents life and they now reside in my home - proudly displayed and with a story to tell.

Hawaii, in my mind as a child, was the epitomy of romance and love. And now as an adult, I yearn to follow in my parents footsteps and honeymoon in Hawaii as they once did.

My husband and I were married just six months ago. We couldn't afford a honeymoon, let alone one to Hawaii, but we were able to marry in Niagara Falls and see a piece of the beauty that my parents saw when they were married.

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