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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

My Roger
Dedicated to My Husband Roger

Submitted by Tara

The first time I was married was to a Marine back in 1992 while I was in the Navy stationed at Quantico Marine Corps Base in VA. Our last year I was stationed in Norfolk VA and he went to Okinawa, Japan.

My ship went to the gulf and unfortunately I came back sick. Later was diagnosed with a rare muscle disease and because of complications had a lot of abdominal surgeries. Even though the doctor's had little hope for me 8 months later I was strong enough to leave the hospital. My husband though could not handle things and left me in ICU with a trachae in to help my breathe. Couldn't even yell at him.

My had pretty much given up on finding love and had bought a little miniature schnauzer "Shelby" she's my baby girl. I went on a family camping trip and there a guy noticed me playing with my nephew and my dog. Later he walked by and asked how we were and then found out that the child wasn't mine. He asked me to go for a walk and later we did. He was so sweet and genuinely sincere.

I don't particularly like the scars on my body but I do not hide them and wore a bikini to the beach the next day. I have a scar from my bra line down to my private area and lots of scars from stitches, chest tube, colostomy, ileostomy, feeding tube and drains. There are people worse off than I am and I will not allow a few scars to keep me from wearing what I like.

Roger and I were married on November 14, 1997, two years after my first husband left me in the hospital. It was a miracle in disquise. Roger treats and loves me so much better than my first husband ever did. He truly loves me scars and all.

We were married at Myrtle Beach, NC but our dream vacation is in Hawaii. We have never been there so any part of Hawaii would be great. I'd camp on the beach to get to go to Hawaii for a week.

I have been a disabled veteran since I left the military back in 1994 and my husband is the main maintenance man where he works. We aren't rich with money but we are very rich with love.

We've tried for many years to have a child with no luck. Maybe if we won this vacation it would be the answer to two of our prayers.

Thank you for reading my story.

Tara Hill

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