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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Love on Lanikai
Dedicated to All who hope for love

Submitted by Christina

On the sparkling shore of lovely Lanikai, she every day walks there.
With serenity and sunshine all around and a Hawaiian wind so fair.

With thoughts of life behind her and a love lost at sea,
For reasons only heaven knows and plans so carefully.

She swore tomorrow would never come, that with him she no longer could stay.
So she tied her heart to a red balloon and finally drifted away.

The wind in her sails and hope in her heart, she breathed in the ocean of blue.
One day she would reach the shores of her dreams, where love is lasting and true.

Should the day finally come when the palms blow just right, and his eyes show they really do care,
On the sparkling shore of that heavenly sea, a true love will find her there.

And so it was on that calm summer day that he could not pass her by,
Two cast away hearts that will always hold dear this love found on Lanikai.

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