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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Love Lingers
Dedicated to Ken

Submitted by Bev

I remember the feel of his touch. I remember his gentle smile that reflected the kindness inside. His intense blue eyes looked deep inside of me and touched my soul.

I met Ken where I worked. He would come into the office on business. From the moment we met there was spark of attraction.

As our relationship progressed through the stages of joy, rapture, pleasure and passion, we experienced a rare closeness. When he was coming to the office, I would know. He would be thinking of me and somehow my mind perceived it. Butterflies fluttering in my stomach would announce his imminent arrival. Then within twenty to thirty minutes he would walk through the door. And like the old cliché, our eyes would meet across a crowded room and we would be drawn together.

Our first kiss, so tender and warm, spoke of promises to come. Then came many more, and passion grew with each one. A passion I have never felt again. Ken is my soul mate, the man I was meant to spend my life with.

Unfortunately death took him from me before we could marry and honeymoon in Hawaii.

We learned to covet the precious moments we had together and I was there to hold his hand as cancer took a life too soon.

Two decades have elapsed since he went from my life. Yet it seems like only yesterday that I saw his smile and felt his fingers caress my cheek. Time has past quickly and slowly.

And though I thought I would never survive even the first year, now here it is so many years later. My love for Ken lingers on, through the years, and through other attempts to find someone to replace him.

Even today, at times, I can feel the softness of his finger touching my cheek. I see his smile and my insides melt. Whenever I hear the song, One, Two, Three Times A Lady, it brings back the intensity of his love. I feel his arms around me as we sway to the soulful tune.

I still love and miss him. Not quite like it was yesterday but he is never far from my thoughts and my heart. I hope that wherever he is he remembers me with kindness and love

I pray that someday I will find such a love again. I believe my soul mate will come to me again. To celebrate our love in Hawaii would be my dream.

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