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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Hawaiian Waves
Dedicated to My Wife-Emerald

Submitted by Carlos

I'm a typical 32 year old male who once hoped to be in on Elimidate or The Bach lore TV show knowing that at the end of the show I would go home with someone to love. Clubs, parties and classroom study dates I could never seem to find the "right one".

"Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places" got me to the point of depression and bitterness because the relationships never worked. I stopped looking and decided to commit my life to Christ. I probably had lots of Sins to repent of and needed a cleanse anyway.

It was after a church function when I saw her. Who would have known that this is where I would find the love of my life. We slowly started to know each other on coffee dates. 8 months later I proposed. She said "YES". I know it sounds crazy but we decided to "keep" ourselves until we got married. Boy, did we get criticism from friend and family on this one.

We were determined to make it special all the way. After the wedding we flew out to Kauai. That was our second cleansing. I couldn't believe how pure, spiritual, human and special a place could be. Memories with the love of my life there is what I will take with me after death. The waves were the most impressive to me because it reminded me of our Creator. Regardless of where I am, what I am doing or thinking the waves in Kauai are, always have and for ever will keep rolling, crashing and sweeping into the beautiful mountains that speak of a better way of life. Far better than my big fantasy of being on TV when I was 32.

2 years and a baby later we still can't forget our honeymoon. Life outside the Islands seems to move too fast and no "hang" time exist. My wife quit her job to care for our new one even though it means not affording much including that ever desired dream of going back.

Short of sounding religious I guess the message is for all those who are single or divorced to not force things in life because love will be in the most unexpected place, and if it happens-give Hawaii a thought.

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