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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

My Angel
Dedicated to Raphael

Submitted by Anonymous

I met my first and only true love 6 years ago. I call him my angel and thank God everyday for sending him to me. After two failed relationships and years of hard times my prayers finally came true . A true romantic at heart ,I've always dreamed of having the perfect mate and a loving ,trusting relationship . I'd given up hope of ever finding this special person and thought maybe I was too picky or that this only hapened in the movies. This gentle , caring man I've met has shown me otherwise . I almost lost him 4 years ago . He was involved in a terrible accident and doctors weren't sure wether he would live or not . I spent 2 weeks , day and night at his bedside in intensive care ,praying and promising God I'd cherish this man forever if only he would leave him with me for a while longer. I was not ready to have him take him away from me after having waited so long to have him come into my life.All my fears and distrust of men I'd been feeling for years melted away as I sat by his side praying for those 2 weeks.It took this terrible accident to realize that I could allow myself to give and receive love freely.Not knowing what his prognosis was ,I vowed to stand by him through everything. Not knowing wether he would ever walk or work again , feeling like less of a man ,he wanted to leave me , thinking he would only be a burden. I've stood by him and supported him throughout all the operations and therapy. All the hardships and tears have only brought us closer together.He reminds me everyday of just how special I am and how much he loves me. He shows his gratitude everyday and says he'll never be able to repay all I've done for him . The truth is ,he's saved me from a life of distrust , loneliness and emptiness. He's fulfilled my every wish and dream ,which was only to be truly loved. Hawaii would be the most romantic place to show him exactly how much he means to me and always will. It is the most romantic and beautiful place in the world. He's dreamed of us spending time together in an exotic location somewhere. Hawaii is the perfect place for us to relax,enjoy each others company and for me to show him what he means to me. I too dream of walking along sandy beaches, basking in the sun and swimming in warm blue waters with him by my side. We will someday celebrate our lives together on a warm sandy beach together.Our is a timeless love.

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