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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Our Maybe Destination
Dedicated to My husband, Tom

Submitted by Anonymous

In the summer of 2005, it will be 38 years - and yet, except for the ages of our children, it seems like yesterday. Love does deepen, encompassing every fiber of one's being. And yet, how can we be more in love than we were when we shared our first kiss? Time, sacred time, demands our attention and in that holy time, love strenghtens, widens, deepens, and we know we will never be separated.

We married before my brother. They went on what we called their "magical honeymoon," and what we called our "maybe destination." We picnicked at a small lake in Maryland, dining on liverwurst sandwiches, maybe pate would sound more palatable!

When they returned, they had oodles and oodles of pictures - color, black and white - and movies, day and night. Unbelievable. Hawaii. We sat together, on the couch, and watched the beauty of this "maybe destination" unfold before our very eyes. Their pictures and movies were magnifique! Ooh la la! Flowers, flowers, flowers opening as they watched. Water as blue as our blue sky, pineapple as yellow as the sun. What a dream, what a dream!

As we lay in bed that night, we vowed that when the boys were grown, and when we had saved enough, our "maybe destination" would become "our destination." Alas, one day rolls into the next, one years dominoes into the next and now, to travel and not see the grandchildren would be almost shameful. So we visit the loves of our lives and still have our "maybe destination - Hawaii." It has been a secret for 35 years - time to share its value with others. We may never get to our "maybe destination," but don't you wait - the unbelievable beauty of Hawaii needs to, no, must be, experienced. Aloha!

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