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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Dreams Can Come True
Dedicated to H. O.

Submitted by Gale

The moon reminded me of buttermilk as it skipped off the small swells of the ocean. Strange that there were so few lovers on the beach this beautiful Hawaiian spring night.

Only a couple of loners, like me. Maybe they were newly divorced, like me. Feeling sorry for themselves, like me.

Tucking my skirt underneath, I sat down on the silken sand. Digging my toes in its warmth, I hugged my knees and pretended to count the heavenly stars.

I felt, rather than saw, someone approaching my quiet space.

His voice was deep, yet soft as he asked, "I know this is going to sound like a come on, but do I know you?"

I looked up and gasped as I stared into the moonlit face of a man I had dreamed of only last night.

As he sat down next to me, he smiled, "As crazy as this sounds, I dreamed of you last night. I followed you from the hotel, hoping to speak with you."

I smiled back, not daring to ask if his dream had ended as mine, and yet somehow knowing it had.

Every year on our wedding anniversary, we return to that lovely Hawaiian beach.

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