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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Our Own Hawaii
Dedicated to The Two of Us

Submitted by Marilyn

A "nibble" of Hawaii is never enough. It just left my husband and me hopelessly hungry for the "main course." A hasty trip to the Pro Bowl had seemed so appealing, but we were totally unprepared for the hypnotic effect of the Islands. My husband is so into water sports that he should have been born a fish. One glimpse of the beautiful blue water lapping at the beaches had him threatening to dive from the plane. And then we both fell hopelessly in love with the flora and would have been in heaven had we had time to truly explore it. We returned home, both leaving our hearts in Hawaii. Unable to afford another trip, my husband decided to "bring Hawaii to us." He planted various colors of hibiscus and every tropical plant he could afford in our front yard, having to personally do every bit of the digging, planting and fertilizing himself. Hiring a landscaper was out of the question. Hubby's efforts won us a Yard of the Month award. Then, with all of the tropical foliage, we decided on a Hawaiian theme for our outdoor Christmas decorations. We dressed Santa in an Hawaiian shirt, shorts, dark sunglasses, beachcomber hat, and spotlighted him relaxing on a lawn chair with an iced drink in his hand and surrounded with pink pelicans, toucans and sea gulls flying down from limbs of our magnolia tree. Our decorations took First Prize. Not to be outdone by hubby's yard work, I completely redecorated our bedroom with Hawaiian-print pillows and linens, enlarged pictures of Hawaiian scenes on the walls and pineapple-shaped lamps that hubby designed and hung from the ceiling on either side of the bed. I even ordered some Hawaiian ornaments from a catalog and created a Hawaiian-themed Christmas tree for the room. Returning to Hawaii would be a dream come true, but in the meantime we are living with all of the Hawaii we could conjure up for ourselves.

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