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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

The Rescue
Dedicated to The beautiful beaches of Hawaii

Submitted by Yvonne


Linda Jones, a tall attractive red head, had come to Hawaii with hopes of saving her marriage. She had endured a rough life as a child. Now she had a stressful job as a criminal lawyer, with a difficult marriage, and all she wanted to do was relax and be loved on the lovely romantic island.

She had done everything possible to please her handsome blonde husband Bob, hoping someday he would try to please her. She believed that today her dreams of really being deeply loved and cherished would come true on this magical island. Linda had planned for this exciting trip as a gift to Bob for his 37th birthday. She hoped he would enjoy and appreciate the trip and use it as an opportunity to add new hope to their fading love.

She planned to tell Bob she was leaving her job as a criminal lawyer because it was too stressful for her. All along she had wanted to be a singer, writer, and actress. It was her parents who insisted she be a lawyer, and it was never her choice. She had only become a lawyer to carry out their wishes.

Bob seemed aloof and distracted so Linda assumed his hardware business was not doing well, and that was the cause of his worry. During a wonderful dinner together overlooking the midnight blue ocean covered in moonbems, Linda explained her wishes to change careers.

To her shock and horror, Bob threw down his fork and rudely stormed out of the elegant restaurant. Linda followed behind trying to make peace with Bob, but he would have none of it. "I need a woman with a high income to make up for my failing business he hollered, not caring if others around heard him. I married you for stability and convenience. I wasn't really that happy in our relationship, but I put up with you for the security. In fact, I was going to ask you to help me start a new business. I would have rather had money to start up a new business than this crazy costly trip you pushed on me. You know I am not much for romance."

The cruel and hurtful words broke Linda's heart to the point she no longer had the desire to live. All her life she had been treated poorly by those she loved. She ran to the shore in her pretty silk evening dress and waded in deeper and deeper. Bob did not even bother to come after her.

As she got in over her head, she was suddenly pulled down under within a bubble where she could breathe. Then she was taken to a large castle beneath the waters. There she was given a beautiful assortment of sea flowers as a handsome merman wrote and read a poem to her of her beauty and goodness. "Will you marry me sweet love?" he requested, offering her a ring of pearl. Merman are very romantic and adore their wives forever." "Very well she said happily to the good looking kind merman. I came to Hawaii to be loved, and my wish was granted. Now I can live in Hawaii in a castle and be a princess. Here I can sing and write and do as I wish." "You are welcome to carry out any dream you desire. I will give you anything you want or need," uttered the caring merman. Princess Linda lived happily ever after.

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