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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

When One Door Closes, ANother opens
Dedicated to David Spitzer

Submitted by Jessica

4 years ago I found myself alone with 4 small children,my youngest just a newborn. My husband at the time went to work and never returned. I discovered months later that he was living with a female coworker. It was an easy decision for me to file for divorce, because we had a violent history,his own grandfather driving me to the abuse shelter on one occasion. His parting words in our divorce proceeding were"no one will ever want you with 4 kids". I began working full time after he walked out, and never imagined anyone would want to deal with so much "baggage". 4 kids let alone any. I ran into David at my new job in the elevator and we clicked immediately.He too was going through a rough divorce and had 2 children. We both were scared,but decided we had nothing and everything to lose. We held each others children when they cried,comforted each other when we went to court, and remained best friends through everything. David has been raising my 4 children as his own, since day one. Never treating them any different,attending school plays,conferences and taking them on special date nights to the movies or comic book store.My childrens father lives in a neighboring state and has little contact with the children.Im truly thankful for a second chance. He asked all 6 children if he could propose last spring, and they all agreed. He proposed to me in front of all the children and we shared a group hug. This August we will be married on the anniversary date of our first date, and hope to take a honeymoon trip to Hawaii. We know that with 6 children we wont be able to take such a romantic trip again for a long time. But he has treated my 4 children and me with the utmost love and respect and I cant wait to share the rest of my life with him, and spend a romantic honeymoon in paradise. I love you David!

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