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Love Stories of Hawaii


Ice Melts on the Beach
Dedicated to Still-singles Everywhere!

Submitted by Anonymous

I wasn't looking forward to Valentine's Day. As a single and fiercely independent woman I had always felt such scorn for the holiday that seemed to loom over me, judging me for my singleness, and taunting me with what I don't have. So I didn't mind when my boss informed me that our consulting firm's newest account wanted a representative to fly to their new office to meet with their management staff. It was the perfect escape from the 'lover's holiday'! I accepted the mission with great relief.

Then I found out that the company's new office was in Hawaii.

What worse place could one go to escape the reminder of romance? The beach, the ocean, the flowers and the palm trees, the salty, lustful air? And the sunsets! Hawaii virtually defines romance. What had I gotten myself into?

But I am a professional. I was going to go to Hawaii and get the job done, do what I had to do, and get out. There would be no walks on the beach, no flirtations, no longing for the loving relationship that forever eluded me. I was determined to resist the romance of the islands.

With these thoughts I steeled myself against the tropical temptations I was sure awaited me. As my plane landed I resolved myself once again to ignore the call of these delights. I was here for business, nothing more.

Such little did I know.

As I stepped out of the airport my lungs were filled immediately with the warm, almost intoxicating, scent-filled Hawaiian air. The very air here seemed to have been concocted as a love potion! I forged ahead, a bit unsteady now, to my hotel, where I showered and then headed out to my balcony overlooking the beach. I sat there, enjoying a glass of wine and looking out over the beach. It was almost dusk, and the sun cast a fiery and comforting glow over the warm sand. The ocean seemed to laugh at my folly. I could feel myself giving in, my icy walls being massaged away. Everything about this place seemed magical!

I watched couples walking on the beach below me. Some were playing, laughing together. Others quietly held hands, walking together, experiencing the beauty that Hawaii offered. As I watched, I wondered why I had been so afraid of something so wonderful. Love wasn't something to be feared or avoided, I realized. It is comfort. It is joy. It is a deep and tranquil sense of satisfaction. And this place seemed perfectly made for it.

I left Hawaii a few days later still single. No, I didn't meet the man of my dreams in Hawaii, though there were many beautiful men there. But I left Hawaii a changed woman, no longer afraid of love. When I returned to my home on the mainland I was filled with hope...hope for a future filled with love. And hope for another trip to soon as possible!

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