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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Magical Spirits of Aloha
Dedicated to my mother, my family, my Hawaii

Submitted by Holly

Dear Beautiful Hawaii ,

The love I have for you began many years ago. I traveled to this far away land , a magical place. Where I have no worries.

My dear sweet mother brought me to Hawaii and shared you with me in my teen years. We shared a special time together, where she taught me the true meaning of life..."remember the little things and remember to stop and take in your surroundings"...

"life is beautiful and memories are meant to be cherished." she told me. "If you slow down and take notice of the things around you, it will be your greatest gift." I believe this is why she brought me to Hawaii to share in your peaceful meaning of life. Holding on to tradition of family and your culture. On our last visit with you, is when she shared this wisdom with me. I believe she new in her heart she was ill and we would never return together. After many years my mother went home to her own beautiful island in the heavens. I vowed on that day, I would return to Hawaii and share your enchanting spell with the love on my life, my husband. I planned a trip and on your beach at sunset, we renewed our vows and our dedication to one another. I know my mother was there is spirit watching over us, for the islands are full of spirits past. They blow through the palms, catch on the rainbows and fall in a mist from the mountains.

My love for you is like no other...almost spiritual in itself. When I arrive on the island ...I feel like I have come home from a long journey.

The fragrant smells of my surroundings comfort me from my long travels. You embrace me with your beauty ...I feel at peace with myself and within my world.

I treasure you always. The memories you have brought me, will stay with me.Until it is my turn to travel to the the islands of the skies and reunite with my mother.

Thank for the love and warm embraces you give me when thoughts and conversations turn to you. I will never in my life be able to repay you for what you mean to me, or do for me... but I need you to know this one thing,I love you. My mother loved you. I hope one day I will be able to bring my children to Hawaii, to meet you for themselves.

For I spoke of you so often they feel they know you. Nothing I can share with them, could be greater than an embrace from you.The experience of your magical spirit.

I hope to one day return to you....until then...thank you. May the spirit of aloha always be with you, as it will always be with me....

Holly Aucreman

In memory of my mother Roseann,
and a special place in my world.

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