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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

My wish for you
Dedicated to Mark My Husband

Submitted by Tammy

Once upon a time there was this girl in a very bad marriage where there was abuse and lots of pain. One day she decided to leave this marriage of pain and was afraid. She had friends that helped her through it and protected her from him which turned out to be pretty often. One friend in particular helped her with everything but never told her how he felt about her until she was free. He took her to a karaoke bar and went up to sing. he sang a george staite song"I cross my heart" to tell her he has loved her and hopes that some day she will marry him. 5 years later they are married and happy. He is truely her best friend. They are poor but happy. I would love to give a vacation to hawaii to my hard working life saving husband for our five year anniversary.

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