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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Love is all we need
Dedicated to Kris V

Submitted by Dawn

I met him May 13,2002.I went with a friend to a blind date at a sportsbar. I didnt really want to go, but she insisted I go in case the guy was a jerk. I never expected to meet the most amazing man in this world ,on that night.I thank God , that I went.I may have never met him .

My life was a mess, I had 2 kids , and I was splitting up and divorcing my alcholic husband.

I made a hard decision , to leave my exhusband,but I felt I was somehow at fault ,and My 2 girls would suffer , most of all. I fell in love with him , almost instantly. He was a sweet , gentle , smart nice guy .He was not your "Typicial guy".We started out as friends ,

and he was the best friend I had ever had. He helped me when I was at the lowest part of my life.I had dropped out of high school ,and he helped me beleive I could get my G.E.D.He helped me study and gave me the confidence I needed.I passed the test with high scores.

We got engaged , and wanted to have a beautiful wedding in hawaii , and our honeymoon there , also. I never got that , because he was called up for deployment for enduring freedom in Iraq.We rushed to get married , and promised to have our dream wedding in Hawaii , as soon as he came home.

He came home , after an 8 month deployment,but there was no time or money for a big wedding , because he got a great job as a special education teacher in Georgia. He moved us all to georgia , and We started our lives together,finally.He is a hard worker ,he works 2 jobs, plus he still finds time to spend with our kids, We have 4 kids all together.I am not the best writer ,and I may not win , But I have already won because I have true love and a true friend,We are a team ,and That is all I need .

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