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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Glowing Sensations
Dedicated to Shared Memories

Submitted by christopher

He still thought of her, even thought it had been more than a week since they had parted and he had returned to the icy east.

Her skin. Outside it was cold and wet. The kind of drizzle that coats you like a mentholic balm and penetrates your soul. Inside it was warm and dry. The smooth breezes of sea washing over his skin like the gentle purring of a kitten.

Her taste. The acrid biting coffee swirled around in his mouth and seared a line of burning warmth to his waiting stomach. Yet lingering cool fruitlike sensations aroused the tastebuds of his mind as the slushy drink spilled passed his lips and the tiny paper umbrella hit the tip of his nose.

Her looks. He could see the blurring red glow of insane tailights blinking on the road ahead in the rain. But to him they were the flickering fires on bamboo sticks that lined the beachside bar like tiny breaths of the sun.

Her Smell. The choking stench of exhaust and cheap wet vinal car seats did nothing to quell the intoxicating aroma of seared shrimp and coconut milk wafting through his nose once again.

Her voice. The ever rambling rantings of a morning AM talkshow may have been foaming in the air around his auditory canal, but he could still feel the earbuds of his steely ipod bringing him the enchanting drumming sounds of his lover

How could he wait another year to see her. How could he endure the soul baring seperation before he would touch, smell and hear her again? How would he survive without his beloved....Hawaii

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