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Love Stories of Hawaii


It Happened to Me
Dedicated to Richard Rowe

Submitted by Angela

He exists. The man my mom had told me about since my first breakup at 18. He wouldn't run around and wouldn't abuse, but would hurry home give me a sweet kiss and hug. He would be an incredible cook and would live to pamper, love and take care of me.

And I found him, or I should say he found me:

At 31, I was living the life of every "Sex and the City" loving vixen. As a successful Public Relations supervisor, I was traveling to the nation's hotspots- Miami, Hawaii and Los Angeles. I'd meet exciting men, went on several dates, but found faults and returned to my loser boyfriend back home.

He and I, true to form argued right before a holiday weekend. These fights always ended with, "Do your thing, I'll do mine and maybe we'll talk next week." My friend, Christina and I decided to spend that weekend at the beach in my hometown. That weekend I had an epiphany, the one every woman who deals with a liar and cheater should have: why was I putting myself through this treachery and willful angst? I made my choice to end that "relationship" for good.

Christina in the meantime, had just met a guy online. Christina and Chris had been seeing each other for awhile and it was going well. It turned out that he and I had gone to the same high school together. Chris just so happened to be going home too that weekend and decided to meet up with Christina. He came to the beach house we were renting and immediately began asking me a trillion questions. Had I worked in radio? Had I lived in San Antonio for four years? His questions finally led him to reveal that his best friend had visited him often and always asked about this girl that they had gone to high school with. He continued with his pal, Richie being broken up with his girlfriend of four years for quite some time. I made some remark of how my doomed relationship had also just ended. I told Chris to tell Richie to give me a call sometime.

Going against every "Swingers" rule, he called me within the hour.

I hadn't seen Richie in four years, but remembered he was very handsome and was a pilot. We weren't able to get together that weekend, but the following weekend, he flew to see me at my cousin's place. What made that visit so charming was that the city didn't have an airport, but a strip of runway built for hunters that visit South Texas every winter. He flew me around my hometown and the feeling was immediate. Many dates, flowers and cards later, Richie proposed in the most romantic way- just he and I on the beach.

We're hoping for a quiet wedding in Hawaii with just close friends and family and of course, my homegirl Christina, for being an unknown catalyst in the most amazing journey.

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