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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

She's My Everything
Dedicated to Lizette, my wife

Submitted by Anonymous

The first time I saw her I knew she'd be mine. I fell so in love with her it hurt not to be with her. After 14 yrs. of marriage I still hurt not being with her. She has suffered so much with health problems, after 12 surgeries and 4 beautiful kids she risked her life to give me, I want to take my beautiful bride back to see one of her favorite places on earth...the Islands of Hawaii, and the people there she fell in love with. She may never walk again as her back is giving out,so are her feet, she's 34...she is now disabled. But my love for her is timeless, my respect awesome, and my gratitude for her sticking with me unending. God gave her to me, and on sunset beach, she and I will see him together, even if i have to wheel her in a chair, or carry her. Our love lives through eternity, and I am so proud to call her mine. Hawaii is almost as beautiful, as she is to me!

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