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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Dedicated to Brendon Foster

Submitted by Paula

Bren and I met in Canada, while he was visiting from australia. We instatnly fell in love and could not bare being without one another.

Bren had to go back to australia, and I remained in Vancover, where I am from.

I saved up for four months and met him in australia, where I stayed with him for six months. I had to return to canada to start nursing school.

Bren and I had a very difficult time being apart from one another, so he saved and suprised me September, 2003, by moving to Vancouver.

Sinse then, we have been dating.

However latley with the combination of his stress of being away from friends and family, and myself working very hard with school, we have been having some relationship difficulties.

We have seemed to lost what we both had.

I think this trip to Hawaii is just what the two of us need to rekindle the love we have for one another.

I know Brendon would love this suprise. He was born in fiji and the Hawaiian island and the culture would remind him of home.

Bren has also done so much for me, this vacation would show my appreciation for his love and commitment to me.

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