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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Dreams of Hot Sand Between Her Toes
Dedicated to SamanthAngel

Submitted by Ryan

I love my wife Samantha more than anyone in the world— She has the biggest heart and has committed her life to helping humanity. Seeing beauty everywhere, she walks with compassion, strength, and love for all living beings.

I'm not much of a writer, but I write from my heart to honor my angel, Samantha.

We met in high-school, and Samantha told me then that she would marry me one day.

We lost touch when school ended. I'd heard she moved to Texas. I lived in Colorado, a thousand miles from our home state of Indiana. I thought about her and the memory of her radiant smile every day. I wondered how she was, what she was doing, and was she happy?

Seven years later, my telephone rang, and it was Samantha. She found my number during a cross-country journey and called from a local café. I ran 5 blocks as fast as I could.

When I saw her, years of longing washed over me. Her smile was even more radiant! I picked her up and we held the longest hug ever. I'd thought I would never see her again. We spent a magical few days together and then she was off to save the world.

I knew I couldn't let her get away. I knew she was the one I'd love forever.

That was 4 years ago, and this year we celebrate our 3rd anniversary.

We have a beautiful 2 yr-old son named Bodhi, and like many other young married couples, we've struggled financially. We've never taken a honeymoon, and I hate to admit it, but I haven't been able to afford a ring for Samantha. She always says she doesn't need jewels. I say, She IS the jewel!

Samantha grew up very poor. Her family barely had food, didn't have heat, and dreams of traveling and college were dismissed. Despite the circumstances, Samantha made amazing accomplishments with her life. As a single mother for 8 years, she worked her way through college and raised her son Logan to be an amazing person, just like her.

Samantha has still never seen the ocean, or built a sand castle on the beach.

She's told me stories about how she fell in Love with Hawaii as a young girl, and spent cold Indiana winters huddled under the covers, reading books about Hawaii. The dream of feeling hot sand between her toes kept her warm.

She tells me she believes Hawaii must be Heaven on earth. She still dreams of opening her counseling practice, raising our children, and growing old there one day.

My dream is to give Samantha her dream— the one she's longed for all her life. I want to fly this angel to Heaven, take her to the Hawaiian ocean, and give her a ring on the beach at sunrise.

I want to marry Samantha again and love her for the rest of our life to the sounds of waves crashing against the hot sand between our toes.

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