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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Do dreams come true?
Dedicated to Mickey

Submitted by Anonymous

A Hawaii vacation is my long-term dream. My husband and I have been planning our 10 year anniversary trip to Hawaii for 3 years. We planned to re-new our wedding vows on the beaches of Maui. Our 10 year anniversary is now just a few months away. We were married September 30, 1995. We live in North Carolina and are 31 years old. We have overcome many challenges in our marriage. Our latest challenge was trying to have children. I had been putting off exploratory surgery for many years. I was told at the age of 17 that I'd probably never be able to have children. Several years later when my fiancÚ, now husband, and I were talking about getting married, I was very honest with him. Amazingly he still wanted to marry me because he said I was the love of his life and his soul mate. We have tried for 2 1/2 years to have children. After a year treating with my gynecologist and after an un-explained miscarriage, we went to a fertility specialist. We treated with the fertility specialist for a year and 1/4 and were told that our last options were in vitro fertilization (IVF) or adoption. Our religious beliefs would not allow us to explore IVF. So we looked into adoption. It's sad to say that I have no idea how people afford to adopt. Do you pay $10,000 to $12,000 for IVF with no guarantees or do you pay $20,000+ to adopt? With our financial situation, adoption did not appear to be possible either. I was petrified to have the surgery for the fear of having the surgery and nothing would be found. Then my infertility would still be unexplained. Now 3 months after my successful surgery, we just found out that I'm a few weeks pregnant. Words cannot describe how thankful my husband and I are. According to my calculations, I am due mid-October. The due date will prevent us from traveling on our anniversary, but we wouldn't change our wonderful news for anything in the world! I will have a sonogram to predict the due date after this contest is over. I don't know now if we'll ever be able to take our dream trip to Hawaii and wanted to enter this contest as a last ditch effort to make this dream come true too. Again, we wouldn't take anything in the world for the news that we are going to be parents, but to win this contest would make all our dreams come true. Thank you for your consideration and for having this wonderful contest.

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