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Love Stories of Hawaii


Me, Myself and I
Dedicated to My wonderful husband, Aaron

Submitted by Carol

Valentines Day 2000

Me: Single mom of 2, two jobs, two many bills, too little time and too much love to go unwanted.

Him: Bacholor with too much time, too many parties and not enough love.

The set up: We met at work, from co-workers, they set us up to go on a date, since my time was limited we agreed to set up two dates in advance geared around valenties day.

My date: We went to "Hawaii"

We stated off by going to our local YMCA for a nice swim at the beach.

We then caught rays at "Sunsation Tanning Salon"

and then went and picked up "Sea Shells by the Sea Shore" that were so perfectley placed, and then Ended up at our local Benehanas for Surf and Turf Dinner. At each place that we went I had set up to have a lei greeting, and for our last stop I had fresh leis flown from Hawaii and the owner of the resturant greeted us.

His Date: He cooked a wonderful stuffed pepper, with seafood and greens accompanied by Hawaiian music and even found chocolate covered maccadamin candies. My favorite part was when he gave me three cards all Hawaiian themed.

The ironic part is our dates were two days apart and neither of us had talked about our plans for each theme date. We both knew that just the thought of Hawaii, brings warmth, love, passion and romance.

We've been married for 4 years now...I think it's time we really go to Hawaii and put truth to the rumors.

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