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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Hawaiian Valentine
Dedicated to Those Who Know What Makes You Smile

Submitted by Caroline

"You know Bob and Miriam went to Hawaii last month," Mary said to the back of newspaper her husband, Jim, was reading. She reached for another slice of toast as she waited for him to react. "Miri said that she had never seen beaches like that before, not even in Florida." she paused again, slathering her toast with jam and taking a bite. After swallowing she continued her prodding "It was her 25th anniversary gift."

The corner of the paper dipped as Jim reached around for his coffee. He grunted, "Hmm," as he took a pull of the dark brew and returned to his reading.

Mary held back a sigh, this 'are we ever going to Hawaii' game was getting old, and began to clear away the breakfast dishes. "You know Valentines Day is in a couple of weeks. I was thinking of making reservations at that bed and breakfast we went to last year."

Jim slowly lowered the paper and folded it carefully next to his crumb covered plate. Easing himself out of seat, obviously not eager to start his day at the factory he‘d work at for the last 30 years, he shook his head grimly, "I don't know, Mary, I don't think we can even swing that this year, sorry." Jim went over to kiss his wife on the forehead, "I'll see you in 8." He let out a long, almost dramatic breath, shrugged on his coat, and turned, heading for the door secretly smiling to himself.

Two weeks later, Valentines Eve, found Mary and Jim settling down to an early Sunday Lunch.

"Why again does Bob need you?" Mary asked, convinced that her husband was up to something, possibly sneaking out to buy that last minute Valentines day gift, again.
"Something with their radiator," Jim shrugged, taking the final bite of his sandwich. As Mary automatically began clearing, his casually tossed out, "Why don't you come with me, Miriam would probably like it if you stopped by, she's apparently taking her empty nest pretty hard."

Mary paused, there was some laundry she wanted to finish and these dishes were certainly not going to do themselves, but… "Sure," She smiled, "I'll grab my coat." She went back to the bedroom and nearly tripped over the packed pair of suitcases in the doorway. She stared at them blankly, not quite sure what to make of them. Did Jim make reservations at the bed and breakfast after all?

She jumped as Jim's arms snuck around her from behind and melted in disbelief as he whispered in her ear, "Think there's enough there for a week in Hawaii?"

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