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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Just Another Love Story
Dedicated to My Parents, Florentino and Teresita

Submitted by Anonymous

There are many stories of romance in the world, in which many, have already been told, and many in which, have never been heard or witnessed. To me this story defines love, but to the world, it might be just another love story.

Philippines is not as beautiful as Hawaii, but for these two teenagers, it became an island of eternal romance.

Florentino, orphaned at an early age, was 19 years old at the time and had been raised by his Uncle's family. Flor did not have two cents to his name but he was charming, a hard worker, and persistent. Teresita was only 16 at the time and came from a wealthy family.

Florentino had fallen in love with the beautiful Teresita. Photographed for magazines, and accepted as a socialite, the entire town admired her beauty. Florentino promised to marry her after she graduated college...but there was only one problem: her father did not accept him. He wanted a man that had wealth and social importance for his daughter. Regardless, she still loved Flor.

Terry went on to college at another island, but the two would write each other everyday. Having no money, their letters would be delivered through a friend; a stewardess that traveled from island to island.

Seven years later, the two reunited and ran off to be married without her father's knowledge. They had no permission, no wedding dress, no ring, only a couple of witnesses and two hearts full of love: And that was was all they needed.

Throughout the years, Flor would show Teresita's father that he would work hard to provide for her and his family. Terry's father finally accepted him.
Terry and Flor would live happily ever after.

The world has many stories of romance, and some that may resemble this one. To me, my parents define true love, but to the world, this might be just another love story.

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