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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Roosters and Romance
Dedicated to Dave

Submitted by Jacqueline

The last three days of our two week Hawaiian vacation were to be the best. We rented a cabin on the peak of the Napali coastline. Owned by the Hawaiian goverment, we were warned that it was extremely rustic, that there were no restaurants or grocery stores anywhere except back down the mountainside, that the amenities were nonexistent. Someone forgot to tell us about the roosters.

Now I'm a girl from the country and know a little about roosters. They crow at sunrise and they usually crow more than once. But these roosters in Hawaii seemed to be in another time zone. They started crowing about three o'clock in the morning and kept it up for hours. Not just one rooster reported in, but a whole flock of them, calling back and forth, like a mess of katydids. And they didn't say "cock-a-doodle-doo" either. They just kind of screamed.

Being a country girl, I can cut up a chicken and fry it up in a pan. Luckily, just before I started wringing rooster necks for an all-you-can-eat buffet, a ranger warned me the irritating cocks were a protected species. "Believe it or not, they are rare," he grinned. I muttered something about them getting more rare and put away my hammer.

The "cabin" was little more than a shack. It contained nothing to sleep on besides twin beds. There was no glass in the windows, just screens. And the bathroom was ancient.

Yet, to this day, when I think about our trip to Hawaii, those last three days are some of my favorite memories. It was just Dave and I, hiking the trails, never seeing another soul for three days, crammed into one bunk bed and listening to the roosters. But we were together in gorgeous Hawaii and that's all that mattered. And we would like to return!

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