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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Dear Journal
Dedicated to Kelly

Submitted by John

Dear journal. Sometimes I had questioned my maker and his motives. There were moments when my faith had endured cascades of doubt. While all of those instances were of great standing and value, none stake a higher claim then when my Kelly found herself in the doctor's on that fateful summer's morn. X-ray after x-ray revealed the same injustice. A rare form of cancer had inhabited the body of my future. In true Kelly fashion, she refused to cry when the news escaped her lips and invaded my ears. I was not to be her noble equivalent. Like a knife sharpened for a centuries score, her words pierced me with great effect.

Even in the darkest of times, Kelly had a way of illuminating the mood by including a silver lining to each and every debacle. "There's this really great hospital in Hawaii," she muttered, "where they specialize in treating what I have. My family and I are moving there and I pray you go with me." Instantaneously I was able to sever any emotional attachments with my home and find peace in leaving. Though my own family would be missed with true intensity, destiny was calling me with her.

Twice a day for a fortnight, Kelly received her treatments. Though usually weak in periods between the medicine, my love and I found time to bask in the sweet sun that Hawaii so kindly bestowed upon us. Who would have guessed that silence could be so fulfilling but even in times when her tired eyes would close, I found myself redefining gratefulness. So fair and so pure, my heart could not bare to look at her for too long. Instead I would gently brush the hair from her eyes as the wind would have it and just pray to God as his presence was visible in the breath taking sunset.

I still remember my final night in the pacific. It was the night that Kelly gave me a journal to write down my every happening. She said that I was to bring it to Heaven and allow her to read it if she didn't pull through. I recall how her eyes greeted the doctor's news with understanding and patience. I can still see the faces of both her mother and father as they learned of what had to be. I can still feel the emotion that engulfed my entire body. The journey had ended and fate had carried out its mission.

That was two months ago when my journal was bare and lay waiting for Kelly to bring it to me. Three months ago I had aspirations to spend my every waking moment with my love. Seven years ago is when Kelly and I shared our first kiss. Nineteen years ago is when we first met in a tired old sandbox that has me and my memories at this very moment. I question God no more. I just thank him every day that he spared my beautiful Kelly.

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