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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Love is Always in Bloom in Hawaii
Dedicated to Those at Rest in Pearl Harbor

Submitted by Anonymous

An old friend of my family -- a widower we'll call 'Albert' -- is a survivor of Pearl Harbor. He lost many friends on that fateful day in 1941, and over the years has paid several visits to the beautiful and evocative war memorials and final resting places on the Islands. (He also loves the warmth, color and exoticness of Hawaii, in general, and pretty much always schedules his vacations there).

On his most recent visit to the Aloha State, Albert had stopped by the U.S.S. Arizona one last time before heading for the airport and home. Amazingly spry for his age, he had greatly enjoyed his Hawaiian get-away; of course visiting memorials and museums, but also taking several helicopter tours, going to two luaus, nightclubbing, bathing in the ocean, indulging his photography hobby, even doing a little hiking, etc. And now he was ready to say farewell once again.

As Albert gazed at the submerged ship, remembering all his buddies who had given their lives on that Dec. 7th so long ago, he noticed a lone lady, standing off to the side and apparently doing something of the same. She was smartly dressed and looked to be just a few years younger than himself.

They struck up a conversation, and Albert soon discovered the lady, 'Agnes,' was widowed also, and was the surviving little sister of one of his many at-rest friends at Pearl.

Needless to say, the two exchanged addresses and phone numbers, and -- though Albert would probably not like me to rush things -- it looks as if Hawaii was home to yet another beautiful, budding(though perhaps nontraditional)romance. They both say they feel blessed to have found another 'someone special,' at their time of life.

We all expect to hear wedding bells soon!

(But don't tell Albert I said so.)

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