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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Dedicated to My fate&Love

Submitted by Anonymous

Hi, i am 29 years old and living alone with my six years old son in Gothenburg, Sweden. Well, our story is new and still continueying.

Everything began on 23 10 2004. That day I thought that I just have had enough problems of short term relations and therefore I decided to look penpall sites on the net. I had not much hope but then I thought that I had to try at least couse I could only loose little time if my attemt to find the-one was turn out to be in vain. I think I am one of blessed guy couse at the first attemt on from a searching site I found my Love.

My love was both first sight and long distance -love. So i found my lifes love from Japan. She is (24) truly the first one who I fell in love with. In Christmas she came to Sweden for 2 weeks and we spent christmas together. The best Chistmas present I could ever get i think.

We were by then and we still are happy about being together. While she were here I couldnīt take her to places where I before thought of. I couldnīt afford that and I was realy sad about not being able to that. So I beleive that love finds your love if you just can give yourself a chance in attemp to find your love.

One thing you will never know is that you wont know when and where you will meet your love. Like in my case, couse I could never imagine that I would find my love online and from Japan. We are going to get married in october but we still havenīt decide where to do that. After that I saw your Site I decided to write our story in hope winning that trip to Hawaii. So, please let fate&love decide that marriage takes place in Hawaii.

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