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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Paradise Interrupted
Dedicated to David DeLeon, my wonderful husband

Submitted by Jennifer

The islands of heaven surrounded my husband and I as we basked in the inviting warmth of Maui, Hawaii. I was slipping slowly into a soft slumber, when my internal silence was shattered by a scream for help. I immediately shot up from my resting place and looked in the direction of the frantic yell. I saw a cluster of people in the waves and I leapt to my feet and raced toward the expanding group. I watched as four men drug an unconscious young man out of the water and placed him safely on the sand. Two vacationing doctors stepped up and began CPR, pumping and breathing, pumping and breathing, pumping and breathing. The crowd of people formed a circle around them as unfamiliar hands reached out to unfamiliar hands in a desperate prayer for the life of a stranger. As I stood there I could feel the spirit of the island rise up and envelope us all in a tranquil embrace. I knelt down and placed my hand upon the young man's forehead. His skin was warm. But his eyes were vacant.

My husband and I were somber the rest of the evening, but eventually our sad feelings turned to grateful feelings. This tragedy made us realize how lucky we were to have each other and to have shared seven years of marriage. We had been there for each other through the good and the bad: sane families, crazy families, children, grandchildren, good friends, psycho friends, physical illness, mental illness, graduations, weddings, funerals, financial straits, hell jobs, great jobs. Through it all we supported each other whole-heartedly. Though life was sometimes difficult, we were alive. With that life we were capable of giving and receiving love -and what could be greater than that?

On our last evening in Hawaii we lay on the sultry beach with sandy swirls of stars above us. We held each other close and whispered prayers of thanks to the unforeseen silver lining of Hawaii's mighty Mother Nature.

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