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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

And there was Silence
Dedicated to My daughter Mikaela

Submitted by Teresa

She was only 11 weeks old and she had cried most of that time. The only time she was quiet for an hour was during her great-grandmother's funeral.

We were exhausted but we were excited to be getting away. Most of all we dreaded the 5 hour flight to Hawaii. People were going to hate us - would the end be worth it?

Something magical happened on the way to Hawaii. On the plane there was silence - the whole way. I'm not saying the three weeks in paradise were perfect but they were so much quieter than the colicky weeks before.

My husband and I were able to reconnect. My daughter spent a couple of days with her grandparents while we snorkelled Molokai and biked the Haleakala crater.

Love was reborn, love was deepened - both with each other and with our more content baby.
On the way home, an amazing thing happened - 2 families who had been on the same flight out actually requested to sit near "our baby" because she was quiet.

I will never forget what the relaxing trip to Maui did for my daughter . . . or for my sanity and love.

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