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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

For Better...For Worse
Dedicated to My soul mate, Dave

Submitted by Courtney

Love means accepting one another for who they are and for not only their strengths, but also their weaknesses. I married the man of my dreams on December 15, 2001. I had always heard that the first year of marraige was the hardest, but we soon learned that that was an understatement. After the honeymoon, reality set in. I quickly discovered my husband had been hiding his alcoholism from me. I was not prepared or equipped with how to handle such a crisis. Hopeless and helpless, I watched as our marriage slowly deteriorated. I loved him so much and wanted to help him overcome his addiction, but he was not willing to quit at the time. I was broken-hearted seeing the love of my life in so much pain and denial. A year of arguing and begging for a change with no avail, we filed for divorce. I will never forget the day we met at the attorney's office. We sat on opposite sides of the couch waiting for our appointment. My arms were aching to hold him again. My heart was telling me that this is not want I wanted. It did not feel right because I still loved him and I knew he still loved me. We sat for a few minutes in silence and then he turned to me and said, " I love you. I do not want to be here. This does not feel right. I cannot imagine you not being my wife." We held each other and began to cry. My heart felt alive again. I looked him in the eyes and said, "For better, for worse." To the shock of the divorce attorney, we left the office kissing and holding hands. The next day, my husband admitted himself to a treatment program and we began marraige counseling. He successfully overcame his alcoholism and we gave our marraige a fresh start. We fell in love all over again and knew that we had made the best decision to stay together. This struggle in our marraige has forced us both to change things about ourselves to become the people we were intended to be. Instead of our situation becoming a stumbling block, it has become our stepping stone to a happier marraige. We plan on renewing our vows soon and celebrating our new committment to one another. We both have always dreamed of visiting Hawaii for the first time together. We would love the opportunity of renewing our vows and celebrating our unconditional love on a beautiful Hawaiian beach.

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