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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Two in Eternity.
Dedicated to Grandpa Raymond

Submitted by Raymond

Ask any of the members of my family to tell you the story that stands out most about our grandparents and they will tell you the story of the dewtiny that led my grandparent to meet.

It was amid chaos and madness, death and carnage that true love was discovered and the mysticism of the islands became evident.

My grandfather, Raymond, for whom I was named after, was a young soldier fighting a war unfamiliar to him and a land that was not his won. But whether it was good luck or bad fate that led him to be stationed on the Island of Hawaii is still up to much specualtion, but sadly,

he was caught in the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Much like many other soliders who were not as lucky as he. But it was in the hospital that he met a nurse named Kalani, a stunning native of the island, who took to him as he did her, and it was not long after he was released that he proposed to her on the ridge of an inactive crater volacano. They were married on the Island of Hawaii, and when he fell ill twelve years ago, it was her who flew him back to the island to pass onto the afterlife in the most beautiful place he had ever been in this life. A beauty of an island that still somwehow shone through amid all the chaos of the time. A beauty of an Island that represents an everlasting love.

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