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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

True Aloha
Dedicated to My everlasting love for Marge

Submitted by Lko

I married my high school sweetheart on Feb.14 Valentines day in 1962 while I was in the Military Service. The first time in Hawaii was on my way to Viet Nam, in December of that same year, my beatiful wife expecting our first child, left behind.

We kept in touch the only way available to us, mail. It would take weeks for us to get messages to each other. My wife had our baby, Natalie, by herself, in August 1963 while I was in the Viet Nam rice paddies. Our love for each other, however, grew, as absence realy does make our hearts grow fonder, the meaning of love more precious.

In March of 1964, Hawaii was my stopover from Viet Nam, as I returned home to my first and only love, and our new daughter. I kissed the precious United States soil as I departed the plane in Hawaii. These Islands became a symbol of the longing for each other,our love. My hands trembled with nervous energy, as my mind raced... Would she still love me? What would life be with a new baby in our marriage? How have we changed, and could things ever be the same? What would our lives be like?

It is now 2005, and we are in Maui, for the 29th time! Our love is strong and alive. Natalie was the first of 3 wonderful, healthy, happy children, spawned by our endless love. We have ten phoenominal grandchildren who we share ou love and our lives with. We will celebrate our 43rdwedding anniversary this February 14, on Maui. We will come back to these wonderful,enchanted islands filled with ALOHA, until the good lord decided it our time to be with him.

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