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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Uncle Bill
Dedicated to Shawn

Submitted by Anonymous

"OK kiddo" said Bill. "Let's go in and have you pick me some winning numbers!" Holding Jessie's hand they entered the Kwik Trip and Bill gently lifted his four year old neice up on the counter.

"Wow! If we win, can we go to Disneyland, Uncle Bill or maybe Hawaii?" grinning at her uncle with big blue eyes.

"We'll see sweetie, we have to win first." Paying for the ticket and a couple of rootbeers they left and headed back to his sisters.

A week went by, Bill had forgotten about the ticket because his thoughts were on his girlfriend Julie and the problems they had been having. He had hoped they would be able to get away but finances were tight and both of them hadn't had time to just talk. Stopping by his sisters he picked up Jessie to take her for some ice cream.

Jessie saw the ticket still sitting on the front seat. "Uncle Bill, did we win, did we win?"

"I don't know honey, let's find out!". Driving to the Kwik Trip. The clerk scanned the ticket and her eyes got really big. "YOUR A $100,000 WINNER!"

"UNCLE BILL" screamed Jessie jumping up and down. "We're going to Disneyland or is it Hawaii? Are we taking Julie?"

Bill looked really thoughtful. "Honey, I gotta make a phone call."

Bill called Julie and meet her at their favorite place. "Julie, we need to talk."

"Bill, why so serious? Your scaring me, are we breaking up?" Julie looked at him with tears in her eyes.

Bill looked at her with a serious expression.
"No Julie, I don't know how to tell you this, but I'm just going to- we're taking Jessie and going to Disneyland and Hawaii and spending some serious time together."

Julie looked blankly at him for a minute then busted out laughing. "Oh, is that all, I thought it was something serious, and just how is this going to happen?"

"Seriously, I won $100,000 and I can't think of two other special girls I would rather spend it on."

"Oh, Bill!"

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