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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

A Letter to the Shores
Dedicated to the islands of Hawaii

Submitted by Jennifer

Dear Beautiful Hawaii,

I miss the warm touch of your soft complexion, which is the sand. I miss how you made my day better by showing me your blue skies and white, puffy clouds. Your waters embraced me as I embraced the water and all of its mystery, but it never led me astray. The sight and strength of your beautiful palm trees only made me climb higher to reach goals in life. And when your rain fell down upon the land I rejoiced, because you gave it something to drink when it was thirsty. But soon your soul shined high in the sky, peaking through the dreary clouds that previously shadowed. The vivid colors of your flowers made your land brighter. The warmth of your seasons filled my heart with happiness and joy, allowing me to journey your lands with grace. Your greenest pastures show the true beauty of a land so precious— a land never meant for busy highways and manmade skyscrapers. I climbed your mountains searching for the perfect view to meditate on and every time, the atmosphere of my surroundings consumes me once again and I can't help but imagine if this is what Heaven would be like. The sounds of your waves crashing against the shore rocked me ever so gently to sleep. I miss everything you have showed me years before. I was so faithful to you, appreciating the cultures of your history. I hope to see you again soon, to experience a greater understanding of who you really are, and all that you have to offer. The memory of your Hawaiian beauty will always be with me forever.
Love yours truly,


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