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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

A Dream for My Husband
Dedicated to The Most Wonderful Man In The World

Submitted by Sharon

When I dream, I see powdered sugar sand, water as blue as the bluest eyes, fiery orange sunsets and coconut palms swaying gently to the warm island breezes.

That was the vision of paradise for a little blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl with an imagination as big as her dreams. Whose dolls lived happily ever after in a fairy tale land of sun, sand and sea. Whose backyard swing somehow became a sialboat and small swimming pool magically turned into the blue seas while gazing off of the wooden back porch, which acted as her beach house.

Now I am 45. My dreams have not changed much, for inside I am still that little girl longing to fulfill her lifelong dream of enjoying paradise. Only now, I write these words from my own porch, from my heart, gazing into a different backyard pool.

My husband made my dream come true for me when we visited Hawaii in 1999. Now I would like to do the same for him, as I know that it is the one place on earth that is a perfect piece of heaven in an imperfect world to him. He gives to his family wholeheartedly and is the most devoted man that I know. He works a demanding job, is devoted to his ill mother, gives his all to his teenage daughter and handicapped son, and me.

It would be an honor to be judged worthy to give this rare gift to him to see his dream come to life, if only for 7 days!

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