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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Letter from paradise
Dedicated to My wife Jessica Brown

Submitted by Roger

Pearl Harbor
Dec 6, 1941

Dear Patricia
My love...

I have something to tell you...

My heart aches each and every day when I am not by your side.
Do you feel the same?

The one and only picture I have of you is worn and torn, but I cherish it dearly. I keep it on the side of my bunk so the very last thing I see at night, just before lights out, and the very first thing when I wake up is your beautiful face.
I wish you could be with me every day here on this beautiful island.

You haven't told your dad about our little secret have you??
I can't wait to see the expression on his face when we tell him...
How does it sound...Mr and Mrs Hummond.. Say it out loud just one time...
I just did and Pete in the bunk above me looked at me in the most peculiar way.
I believe you know Pete, the redhead from Iowa. You met him when we parted last month.He calls me "Sparky". Remember?

Hawaii..the name itself sounds like paradise...
Well, all that keeps me up during the drilling is the thoughts about you and that we soon will meet again...
Can you imagine?
Only one more week and then we are together again.
I really hope nothing happens before then.
Oh, I am just being silly...
Hitler is in Europe far away from here and we are not even in the crazy war, so why do I worry?
I have my rabbit foot and a good feeling in my heart that we will soon meet again.

Well, I must be going now, although you know how much I hate to say goodbyes...

One week and we will be together again...for all eternity.

I miss you and love you forever

Yours fiance to be
Ensign J.M Hummond
USS Arizona

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