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Love Stories of Hawaii


If I could take you to Hawaii
Dedicated to That Special Someone

Submitted by Mike

If I could take you to a special place, I would take you to a part of the world, where the pacific ocean gentle splashes on shores of endless sand.

I would take you to Hawaii. A place where sunsets light up a brilliant sky with rays of reds, and oranges, and yellows. Together we would sit on the beach and watch the sun slowly sink and sizzle into the crystal clear waters of this paradise.

We would take walks along the beach, make love in the dunes, take hikes into mountains, ride bikes, and fly kites. We would go to a feast and watch dancers perform ancient tales of many years ago. We would swim, visit an active volcano, have romantic dinners - eating fish and wine, and just for fun, travel to the highest peaks and ski in the tropical snow.

These are a few of the things that we would do. And the best part of all, is that you would be there too!

That's what I would do - if I could take you Hawaii.

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