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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

The Importance of the Hula Girl
Dedicated to Chip

Submitted by Anonymous

She stood at the edge of the ocean, feet sinking deeper into the sand with each new wave. She stood there like a statue, barely beathing, not really feeling. Tears were made cool by the breeze as they rolled gently down her soft cheeks. With each tear she let go a little more of him. When he was alive he'd promised, "One day I'll take you to Hawaii, for Valnetine's Day, and we'll stand on the edge of the ocean, with out feet wet in the sand and look out as far as we can until we see Japan." It was the promise of their life together, the promise that ensured their future. He had never been to Japan, but she had. She was born there and she left her family there long ago. He was her refuge in the States. When he was taken from her she wanted to die. Late one night, on what would have been their 7 year anniversary, she sat alone in their empty, dark home. The razor felt familiar in her hand as she held it over her wrist. It was more difficult than she'd expected. She had to push hard just to get a drop of blood. But a drop was all it took to save her. Just as that first drop hit the wood floor, the latch window in their family room blew open as if her love himself had willed it. The force knocked something onto the ground and it broke. She put down the razor and walked to the window, closing it before looking to see what fell. When she did look down she found a shattered glass Hula girl, it had been a Valentine's gift from him two years earlier. When she had received it she had thought it was a cheesy gift, but as she looked longingly at the shattered girl, she understood it's importance. She went instantly to their room, packed her things, grabbed her coat, and lastly, sweapt up the Hula girl into a clear container, sealed it shut and stuffed it in her bag as a reminder. Ten hours later, she was in Hawaii, standing at the edge of the ocean, looking out as far as she could, and for a split second, she could have sworn she saw Japan.

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