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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

How I remember my Grammy
Dedicated to Jane E Cox

Submitted by Anonymous

My grandmother died when I was only 9 years old of ALS. My memories of her in her healthy and vibrant days are limited as she was ill for many years.

The one clear memory I have is of when she and my granfather returned from their trip to Hawaii. She showed me how they had their picture made into a postcard. It was the typical tourist picture, with the 2 island residents on either side of them, both my grandparents donning matching Hawaiin leis.

It was the biggest trip they ever took, and my grandmother was so excited talking about the beaches and flowers and all the sights they had seen.

I remember her when she was sick, when she couldnt speak or even hold her head up. But I choose to remember her as when she talked about her trip to Hawaii...and choose to have the picture of her and my grandfather with the leis as my most prominent memory.

I've never been to Hawaii, but know that someday I will go, and I will have a picture of myself with the island residents, wearing a beautiful Hawaiin leis.

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