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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Dream Vacation
Dedicated to My Sister

Submitted by Anonymous

He sat alone, gripping a package tightly to his chest, vulnerable to the unwanted stares of fellow passengers. Never on the three hour flight did he voice a word. The only incident in which he showed any type of facial expressions was when a young child, no older than four he presumed, peeked over her seat and playfully stuck her tongue out at him. The gesture was so cute, so innocent that he found himself smiling despite himself. He didn't eat;he didn't sleep; he just sat there staring straight ahead,consumed in his own thoughts and oblivious to his surroundings.

He thought of her then. She had always wanted to go Hawaii. Unable to afford it for their honeymoon, the pair scrimped and saved for years, each week emptying their pockets of their loose change and adding it to a box labeled "HAWAII FUND". They had planned on going for their ten year anniversary. By then, they had more than enough to enjoy a week-long vacation at a resort. He remembered how she looked longingly at the brochures, smiling and delighting in taking in all the wonderful things Hawaii had to offer. But they never made it to their ten year anniversary.

He angrily thought how ironic that HE was the one going to Hawaii, not her. It was her dream to go to Hawaii, never his, and yet he was a year after she left him making her dream vacation a reality of his own.

When the plane landed, he didn't head straight to a hotel; no need, he was only staying for a few hours. He just walked along a beach for hours, idly studying the various shells that had washed ashore. Then at sunset, he calmly opened the package that contained the urn holding his beloved wife and scattered her ashes along the beaches of Hawaii. A year after she lost her battle to cancer, he had made her dream vacation her final resting place. Her wish was granted.

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