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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

I have nothing but my heart
Dedicated to Sarah

Submitted by Anonymous

I can not count the times I have heard people ask "How will I know when I have found my true love?" I have never asked this question, for when I first saw this beautiful yet seemingly ordinary girl in the alleyway, my breath was taken from me. These questions did not cross my mind, only that I was drawn to her in no way I have ever known before. My eyes were glued to her shy smile and shining long, wavy chestnut hair yet she seemed not to notice. This I couldn't believe for I felt that my stare was so completely obviously, yet I couldn't turn away.

I would like to tell you that I dashed up to this beautiful women and charmed her and stole her heart. Ah, because that is what ran through my head as I lay in my bed that night. Each time I ran that scenario through my head, I was more charming and handsome then the last. You may be wondering why I let her walk away from me that easily. Because I am only a lonely baker, working in my fathers bread shop and surely she must be engaged to the man I amused myself as being in my daydreams.

But one day, fate stepped into my life as it has never before and delivered me a gift as sweet as a garden of newly bloomed daisies. The next week, just when my dreams of this girl were fading, I found her at the step of our bread shop. She was more beautiful than I had remembered, she had such a natural beauty that I believed she must have come from the heavens. After a few minutes of talking , I had thought I was dreaming. There was no way that this was the truth.

She was not engaged nor was she rich. How can this be? The most beautiful girl I have ever laid eyes on is also the most kind and gentle soul I have ever spoke with. As fate would have it, we became friends which grew to a love so deep I believe no other man has felt. We were to be wed soon when my future wife, Sarah, told her one of her most secret desires. "I often dream of the white beaches of Hawaii, splashing in the cool, clear ocean and watching the sunset with someone I love."

When a man loves a woman as deeply as I loved my sweet Sarah, they tend to become something more than they ever were before. This is what drove me to sell all of my possessions to give her this dream. I shall never forget the words I told her that glorious night, " I have nothing but my heart to offer you. I have sold all my possessions to give you your dream and nothing else could make me happier. Your happiness is my happiness, my love."

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