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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

It was him again 10 years later...
Dedicated to My love

Submitted by Anonymous

When I was much younger I visited Hawaii with my parents. I remember never wanting to leave the beautiful beach of Waikiki. I was only 12 years old when I first saw him. He was 17 years of age..which was 5 years older than me. I wasn't sure what it was that I felt exactly but I definitley had an instant crush. He hung around the surfer instructors and had the nicest smile I had ever seen. As a young child of 12 I thought that the tattoo on his arm of a Dragon was the coolest thing I had ever seen in my life! He must have felt me staring because he turned my way. I wanted to hide! Here I was, 12 years old not even a hint of woman about me and this cute boy was looking at me! My head was screaming at me to run but I was frozen and oh my God still staring at him. How embarassing..

An older instructor noticed me also and began to laugh..then the other instructors started laughing. I started to cry. I turned the other way and ran. I heard someone call out to me to stop but I kept running.

2 miserable days later of avoiding that section of the beach my family and I ventured to the International market place. While my mother and I were looking at some sea-shell beads I heard a voice ask my mother if we liked the beads. When I looked up it was him. In an instant my face turned bright red and I couldn't talk. My mother who failed to notice my state at the moment responded that the beads were lovely. He looked at me and smiled and said "Hey kid, here, this is for you and your mother". He handed us 2 beads which were 59 cents each at the time and said they were complimentary. My mother thanked him. I just grunted and prayed that the moment would go quickly.

10 years later I would return to the same beach, this time with my girlfriends. While my companions enjoyed the aqua waters of Hawaii, I decided to stay behind and lay on the white sand of the beach. Twirling my sea-shell bead necklace from 10 years ago I started to feel as if someone were staring at me. The feeling was so unbearable that I had to look slightly behind to my right. My heart dropped when I saw him and recognized him right away. The dragon tattoo, still bright in color, was wrapped around his arm. This time, he wasn't just a cute boy anymore with a nice smile..he was a beautifully grown man with a gorgeous smile.

I must have looked back in such a surprising way that he approached me with a puzzled look on his face and asked if we knew each other. He didn't remember me!! Of course not..that was 10 years ago and I was just a little girl. I started laughing and said no we don't know each other but I remembered him from 10 years ago because of his tattoo. He sat down next to me and I told him my story from the past. We both laughed and laughed because he remembered exactly who I was. He even picked up my necklace and asked if it was the same one.

We spent literally every second with each other for the rest of my vacation. I fell so in love with him but didn't know how to continue the situation. I even cried when it was time for me to go. He kissed me at the airport and insisted that we would see each other again soon. Money was definitley tight. Who could afford frequent trips to Hawaii?? It took me 10 years just to go back! I lived in New York City and the whole way home I told myself that I had to forget about it. That it was just a summer vacation fling. His voice was on my machine when I got home. After talking and writing to each other constantly...we both realized that this situation wasn't something that happens every day. My vacation to Hawaii was in August....he surprised me on my birthday in November. The day I left Hawaii, he had sent numerous job applications out to New York. He had landed a job and was due to start the first week of Dec. He even had a place ready only 7 miles away from me. We have been together now for nearly 2 years. We are engaged and I am still in love every day. Hawaii was our love blessing and that is where we intend to be's only fitting.

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