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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Waiting For Time To Pass
Dedicated to Jesse

Submitted by Alicia

We met in California. There was an instant attraction between Jesse and I. He had spotted me in a bar and vowed to himself that he had to meet me. As he was planning to make his move, it was me that approached him.

Clumsily carrying drinks to my friends, I had tripped right in front of him. I asked him if he witnessed my gracefulness. For the rest of the night we didn't leave each other's side. We were so intrigued with one another. We spent every weekend for the following month together.

Jesse was then transferred to North Carolina. We kept in contact regularly at first, until the phone calls started to fade and then eventually they stopped. About three months after our last phone conversation, Jesse called me up to say that he could not get me off his mind.

Exactly one year from the day we met, Jesse was sent back to California for training. The minute we reunited it was very obvious to both of us that our connection was much deeper than we both had ever realized. The only problem was that I had accepted a teaching job in China and he was waiting to be stationed in Iraq. We spent as much time as possible with each other exploring our love.

I had to leave first. By that time there was no doubt in our minds that we belonged together. This past Christmas we got engaged. And then it was his turn to leave.

So we now wait for each other, me in China and him in Iraq. We won't see each other again until October, where we plan to reunite in Hawaii!

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