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Love Stories of Hawaii


Hawaiian Dreamin'
Dedicated to Mary

Submitted by Nick

As the waves crashed and rolled up onto the beach, he looked over at her sun-drenched body and felt his heart surge. He leaned his elbow into the sand and reached out his other hand to lightly brush the hair from her eyes. She murmured softly and turned to look at him. She smiled lazily and told him with her hazel-green eyes how much she loved him. As he leaned in to kiss her soft lips, she opened her mouth and started yelling ‘BEEP BEEEP BEEEEP!!!" He surged backwards and woke up violently to the dark room. His wife was already rolling around in the bed clearly annoyed at the loud incursion upon her dreams. He mumbled something to himself and shut off the alarm clock a bit harder than usual. He stumbled his way into the shower and felt the hot water gush over his slightly balding head. As the steam rose around him all he could think about was the glorious sunlight from his dream and how nice it would be to go someplace warm. As it was, he lived in Northern Vermont and braved the cold winter about eight months out of every year. This morning it was especially freezing out and he listened as the snow crunched under his feet on the way to the car. He couldn't stop thinking about the fine sand from his dream and wished he were back in his seaside paradise, lounging and thinking about nothing in particular. At the office he stopped to get a drink of water from the cooler. After he had filled his paper cup, the water in the cooler made a burping sound and three large bubbles rose to the surface of the clear jug and sloshed around. He was instantly transported to his tropical sanctuary where he and his wife were scuba diving in the beautiful clear water that reminded him so much of her eyes. He was in this state when his boss came up to him and tapped him on the shoulder. As the man opened his eyes he half-expected to see a young waiter who had come to take his drink order. Instead he was clearly surprised to see his boss looming over him! He made the perfunctory small talk that was expected of him then moved to his cramped cubicle at the end of the office. He sighed and looked at his watch, noting it was January 28th – Valentine's Day just around the corner! Perhaps it was time to go somewhere for a change. He had always enjoyed a fancy dinner and a nice night out on holidays, but this year should be something special. He clicked open his web browser and a pop-up ad for a Hawaiian model bikini contest flickered onto the screen. He immediately recognized the beach from his dream and knew that this year he and his wife were going to have the vacation of a lifetime. In beautiful Hawaii.

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