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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

To be or Not to be
Dedicated to Susan

Submitted by Rene

I first got an email on the internet. She was older than me by 13 years. I first thought, no way. I didn't answer for 2 days. I wanted to meet people on the dating web site, I mean that's why I put my name in the mix again after 3 years of being alone.

Well curiosity got the better of me and I answered her email. Ok, we'll see, what's the worse that could happen, I mean I have dated younger women and as you can see, that didn't work so what the heck.

We emailed each other for several weeks, including little tid bits of information about ourselves, our past, our present and our previous relationships.

Then we decided to take the next step, instant messaging. I wasn't ready for phone calls, I had been burned pretty bad in the last relationship. It had left me broke, bankrupt and empty. So beware!

We instant messaged for a couple of days and then came the question, "let's meet".

Uh-oh, I am not ready. I am not able. I am not willing. I just freaked out. So we decided to talk on the phone. We had quite a bit in common from gardening to sports and we talked for hours. Ouch that phone bill really did smart when it came.

She made several attempts to get me to come and see her, you see she lived, 120 miles away, so it had to be a whole day thing.

I finally agreed to meet her, I really was scared, I had never done this before. This was dating in the 20th century and I found it a bid odd. I mean what did she look like, what if she was an axe murderer? We have all seen the movie, I mean come on!

After a discussion with my friends, family, parents and a chat room online, I agreed to meet.

I drove the 120 miles to see her and I have to say, from the minute we set eyes on one another it has been love at first sight, love everlasting and finding my soul mate all in one.

I never thought I would love again, let alone find someone who would complete me.

I remember after meeting her and driving home, that I looked to the sky and thanked God for sending me an angel like her. After 1 year we are still together and going strong.

Now we are planning a 1 year anniversary trip to Hawaii and I can't wait to explore the sights and sounds of Hawaii with her.

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