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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

High School Reunion
Dedicated to My Grandma

Submitted by Anonymous

In the winter of 1982 my Grandpa Ken passed away after a long battle with lung cancer, and left my Grandma Vivian a widow. My Grandma was doing pretty well with getting on with life she had lots of friends and family who cared for her. She received an invatation to her 50th High School reunion but was not really interested in attending. Until, in March she received a phone call from her old High School sweetheart Fred. Fred was also recently widowed and was inquiring if she would be attending the reunion. After many phone calls and careful consideration my Grandma decided to go to the reunion and see Fred again. After the reunion Fred and Grandma were on the phone and visiting over long weekends, and had fallen in love for the second time fifty years later! In October they were married in a tiny chuch that was over 100 years old, Fred wrote and sang a song to my Grandma Vivian while she played the piano it was wonderful. Shortly after Fred and Vivian were married they began to travel. Their first trip together was to Maui, Hawaii, where according to my Grandma it was like no other place she had ever seen. She was enchanted by the warm water, tropical flowers and trees, and the birds which she painted pictures of when she came home. Her tales of Hawaii were so wonderful I could not wait to visit there myself. Fred passed away in 1993, he and my Grandma had 10 wonderful years together and visited the Hawaiian Islands four times. In 2003 at 90 years old my Grandma very peacefully passed away but not without leaving her enchanting memories of Hawaii to me in paintings, photographs and even her travel books (with different sights highlighted and noted in her own handwriting). In 2002 it was my turn, my family and I took a wonderful vacation in Maui and have since been to Kauai. I look forward to many more trips to Hawaii with my wonderful memories of Grandma and Fred's love, blended with the memories my family and I have now created.

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