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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Dedicated to Timothy

Submitted by Rena

I finally met the man I have waited 35 years for!

I have worked at 7 car dealerships in 12 years in the service departments! I have met hundreds of men and dated plenty also! I have no children and always refused to go out with anyone who had any because i want one so bad! I started working at a toyota dealer in roswell georgia about 7 months ago. I was trying to meet people online on dating services and having no luck! There was a tech on my team that was doing the same thing and having no luck! We told each other of our experiences and soon came to find out maybe we should go out with each other! I was walking by his bay and he starting singing you better let somebody love from Desparado and i melted! We did go out and 4 months later he proposed and I accepted! He has a 6 year old little boy who I instantly fell in love with also! He wants more children too! We are getting married on May 14th and hope to be able to afford to go to Hawaii on our honeymoon! I never thought it would happen but I now see there is someone for everyone! He or she might be hard to find but they are out there waiting somewhere!

You just have to be paitent and keep your eyes and heart open!! I love him with all my heart and he loves me just as much! What a great feeling!! I could not ask for a greater guy to spend the rest of my life with! I cannot wait for every tomorrow!


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